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Seventy-six percent of all Utah school age children 5-12 years old have parents in the work force, creating the potential for many children to be left unattended. Many children are not prepared to be left home alone. Children in self-care are more likely to engage in risky behaviors, be truant from school, experience stress, have poor grades and abuse substances. They are susceptible to feelings of loneliness, fear and boredom. 

Summer activities are a wonderful way to offer fun, constructive activities to occupy your childrens time. Summer activities can give your children learning opportunities that not only help to ease their boredom, but can also help them become well-rounded, socially capable adults.

We, at the Care About Childcare - USU, have gathered this list of possible summer activities that may be of interest to you and your children. We hope that you will take the time to talk to your children and help them choose the activities that are best suited to their interests and your needs.

2018 Summer Activity Guide pdf