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training & career ladder

Training & Career Ladder

Care About Childcare - USU Training Classes

CAC - USU offers several classes for child care providers to help them receive hours for licensing requirements,
work toward the CDA, and achieve incentives on the Career Ladder.

Professional Development Incentive

The Professional Development Incentive Program recognizes and rewards childcare professionals for the completion of ongoing training in the childcare field.  
Providers can also receive bonus money for completing specific hours of training in specialization areas as well as being rewarded for longevity of continued licensed experience.

Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential

The CDA is a great way to providers to take their careers to the next level. This nationally recognized certification highlights special training and qualifications for early childhood.  Specializations are in the areas of family child care, infant/toddler, and preschool.

Continuing Education Units (CEU)

CEU credit is available for several CAC training classes.  Providers must ensure they are registered for the classes they are taking,
download and complete the CEU credit homework, then submit the homework.

Training Registry

By visiting the statewide Training Registry, childcare providers can easily view a list of upcoming classes, see their current class schedule,
get a transcript of classes they have already taken, see where they are on the Career Ladder, and check the status of their Career Ladder application.

Care About Childcare Online Training

Care About Childcare - CCS in Salt Lake, now offers online training for all childcare providers in the State of Utah.

Freelance Instructor Network

Looking for a way for your staff to recieve more training and Career Ladder credit hours?
We have an exciting new professional development opportunity that will provide a way for
programs to arrange on-site training for their staff.

Food Handlers Online Classes

Easy Food Handlers
Do you need a food handlers certificate?

Easy Food Handlers online classes will have the class that you need to get your Utah certification.

English & Spanish
Corporate Accounts:
       for employer mulit-purchases; only pay when student starts, track progress of employee's course, print employee  
       certificates for your files. 

Easy Food Handlers are a state approved company that makes the class easy, fun and affordable -

"Our instructor has close to a decade teaching this class and has real photos and examples that makes our class interesting. And, the bottom line? You will be hirable in any food establishment in Utah, while knowing all you need to know to make certain you follow the highest standards of care when working with food."